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Tutorial : How To Unlock Your Android Phone’s Locked Pattern | Simple steps |

Forgotten Your Android Locked Pattern ??

Want to Unlock It??

Follow The Steps below to do so!! 

**Read the guide Carefully**
Steps :
  1. Switch Off Your Phone
  2. Then Hold Your “Up” Volume Button & Hold It.
  3. Simlutaniously Hold The “Home” Button Also.
  4. Now Press your power button and wait till your phone Opens.
  5. Once It got opened ,Then release all the buttons. 
  6.  Now you can see ,That you have entered in the secret android menu.
  7. Press your home button for up and down navigation in the menu.
  8. Go through the Third Party Option > DELETE ALL USER DATA. 
  9. It will take some of your precious Time!!
  10. Now Your Phone will open and The pattern is niglected ,Hence Unlocked!!

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