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Tutorial : How To Install Android Kit-Kat 4.4 In Virtual Box | User-Friendly Guide | With Simple Steps |

Big Fan Of Android ??
Android Kit-Kat : The Latest One ??
I Think So , Thats Why You Are Here :
Now You Can Also Run Android Kit-Kat On Your Pc Via Virtual Box…!
 Google Started This Mobile OS From 2009 With Android Cup Cake v1.5 ,And Now It Is Riding Onwards Through Sweets Like Kit-Kat v4.4 [The Latest OS From Android]

We just need to download the latest Android-x86 ISO and then load it into Virtualbox as a new Linux virtual machine.

**Note** :Download The Latest One That Is Kit-Kat v4.4


Download :
Download : Android X86 4.3 ISO – 199 MB

Now I Think You Want Steps [Isn’t It]
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You Can Download It From Google Drive :
Link 1st
Link 2nd 
You Need To Have 3 Things !!

  1.  User-Guide (1.2 MB)
  2. *Android x86 ISO Image (199 MB)*
  3. Oracle Virtual Box (101 MB)
**Note The Android x86 ISO Image (199 MB) Link Is Provided That is a Jelly Bean Version | If You want Kit-Kat Go here**

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