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Turn Off Chat for Some Friends

I’m sure most of you might have got some unknown friend request, which we usually reject. But just in case if you have added them and not interested in chatting with them on Facebook Chat or say, if you manager is keeping a track of you being online on Facebook then there is a way to keep you them off from your Facebook chat list. This is very helpful if you have someone who will ping you every now and then and when you are not interested in chatting or if you want have or forced to have someone in your friend list, but you want yourself to appear offline all the time. Just follow the simple steps to keep such friends away:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • To the right bottom (with the default screen resolution) Facebook chat window appear.
  • To the right of Search, there is an option button.

  • Click on ‘Options’ and click on ‘Advanced Settings’. There is an option to ‘Turn off chat’ which will make you go offline from all users and will not be able to see anyone online.
  • In ‘Advanced Settings’ select the option ‘Turn on chat for only some friends…’
  • Enter the name of all your friends with whom you would like to chat and to all others you will appear offline.

You have an option to add and remove these friends at any time you want. Also, note that when you are offline friends can always send you a message and these messages will be on your inbox. This simple way to turn your chat on and off is useful if someone is spying on you, maybe some friends, or relatives or you manager. Leave a comment on what you think.

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