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Modern Combat Versus IOS

Modern Combat Versus IOS Gameloft released there most upcoming FPS Game in the series of modern combat now its available on Itunes but there was a soft launch of this game full game release soon so we have to wait for it

The #1 FPS franchise on mobile returns with a brand-new multiplayer experience! Drop into fun, action-packed gameplay that defines a new era of mobile shooter games.

Choose your Agent, master your role, and dominate the battlefield with your team. From skilled attackers to supportive defenders and covert assassins, there’s an Agent for every play style.

MCVS soft launches with the Zone Control game mode. This 4v4 mode asks you to capture and control a fixed point on the map. Control the point for the longest, and your team wins.


Modern Combat Versus IOS is currently only available in select countries and will be released worldwide in the future. During the soft launch, expect frequent updates, gameplay changes, and other tweaks that aim to further improve your experience.

Modern Combat Versus IOS

Modern Combat Versus IOS FEATURES

  1. Deploy into 4 vs. 4 multiplayer battles and fight to control a central zone.
  2. Play as 12 specialized Agents, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities!
  3. Battle across 5 distinct maps featuring close-quarters combat and long-range warfare.
  4. Get promoted to higher competitive leagues and earn prestigious rewards.
  5. Pick up and play using groundbreaking, intuitive controls.
  6. Experience console-quality graphics featuring stunning visuals and effects.
  7. New Agents, game modes, and maps are coming soon!
  8. The ability to create clans
  9. Intuitive operation
  10. Beautiful graphics

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Modern Combat Versus IOS

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