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Internet Download Manager(IDM) Vs. Free Download Manager(FDM) [Speed up your downloads!][best of 2015]

So friends you might be Wondering about the two mostly used download managers and might be on your personal opinion to regard one of them as the best Download Manager ever existing.

So in order to make it clear I have complied both of them on some common grounds and I am explaining their Pros and Cons in short paragraphs :

1. Download Speed :

Well this point is a POINT OF DEBATE . So when it comes to speed I found that FDM is at least 20% times faster than IDM. So FDM wins here !

2. Resume support :

Here is where IDM knocks Down FDM in resume capability. IDM can capture the broken downloads  by refreshing the download LINK and then recapturing it which is very beneficial if you are downloading large files regularly on your computer. So in this case IDM wins!

3. File merging algorithm :

Let me explain what does it mean. Its the way the download manager merges the splitted parts of the file after the download is over is the merging algorithm.

Now here in this case FDM clearly clearly wins the game. Let me tell you what is reason. Well… See the screenshot , there you will find in the IDM windows that I downloaded WINDOWS10 couple of days back and also look in the FDM window , you will see the KALI linux ISO downloaded by me before some days.
The thing that actually happened was that after downloading the file IDM started to merge them up which resulted in the freezing of my PC due to excessive hard disk usage by it. I was not able to even use my computer for 10 minutes! whereas as FDM keeps on merging the files while downloading it which results in smooth working of the Download Manager and your pc works smoothly!
So in this case FDM is a clear winner !

4.Open source Vs. Shareware

As you all know FDM is an open source software whereas IDM is a shareware and we have to buy it after trail is over. So in this case FDM wins !

5. Torrent support :

FDM supports Bitorrent protocol which enables you to download the torrents by just opeining the torrent files with FDM and you dont have to install other softwares to donwload torrents whereas there is nothing of this kind in the IDM. So FDM wins here too!

6. Browser support and integration :

Well here i have to say that FDM falls back because its extension is incompatible with Firefox and sometimes doesn’t work in Chrome . So IDM wins here!

Concluding words:

So if you are looking for a best option then go to FDM website and enjoy the freeware.
But if you download large files and have frequent internet connection problems then FDM is not for you.

But I would recommend only and only FDM to all of you as I have personally used both of them from long time and I would therefore prefer FDM over IDM.

Did we miss out something ? Tell us in the comments !

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