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How To use multy Facebook tool site – 3Dlike .Net

Hello friends now im going to tell you how to get auto likes, auto comments, auto follower, auto friend request auto post and more.

How to login in auto like site. 

  • First Of All go to 3Dlike. Net Website 
  • Click on click here
  • On the next page you will see get access token click on it and you will redirected to new page copy the whole url from tgat page. 
  • Now again go to 3Dlike .Net and paste that url in Green Box and click submit. 
  • Done you are now logged in. 
How to get auto likes

  • On the next page you will see options like below
  • Click on Auto-Like and you will see a new page with your statuses like below. 
  • If you want like on your statuses then choose your any status or pic and copy the url of that pic and paste in the first blank box and submit. Or
  • Choose any status from the site.
  • Done you will get likes. 
How To Get Auto – Comments 

  • Follow the above given login method and login in 3Dlike.Net 
  • Now You will see a page like below 
  • Click on auto comments and you will see a new page. 
  • Choose any status from there and click submit Or
  • Enter URL of any of your status or pic in the blank Green Box And Click submit.
  • Done You will Get Auto Comments 
How to get auto friend request

  • Follow the login steps and choose option auto follower
  • Now you will be on new page on that psge click on submit 
  • You will get your friend request 
How to post in multy groups, pages, friends wall 

  • After login choose any option for auto posting 
  • Now click on any group, friend, page or choose all 
  • Now enter your status and click on submit 
  • Your post will posted in all selected group, pages, frieds wall. 

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