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How to Speed-Up Firefox and Increase Internet Speed – Download Firefox 11 (Portable)

    Increase Firefox's speed to allow a much more enjoyable internet experience. Previously I shared a Trick to Increase internet speed using Google Chrome but Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world but it gives a hard time to your patience when you are working at slow network…but don’t worry friends in this Trick I am going to share a very cool, easy and effective way to speed up your Firefox browser. I know, there are many web pages and blogs about doing just this, but I found a new way and I am sure this is different from others so just try it. This tutorial shows the broadband as well as dialup users to how to increase the speed of firefox browser. This Firefox tricks will improve the speed & load time of firefox and you will be able to surf faster. Just follow the steps below to decrease firefox memory usage and increase firefox speed to enhance your browsing experience.

Steps to Increase Firefox Speed:

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