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How to Lock Apps on Your Android Phone

Android is offering many types of security options to safe your mobile like pin. pattern lock and code but this feature is lock screen only not your android apps and its so irratating again and again opening screen lock if you are using this feature to secure your apps or personal data but here we are again back with a new app Hexlock this app helps you to protect apps.

Main Feature of This App 
Enable Unistall Protection

in these days peoples are really smart if they knows Hexlock App through all other apps locked then they try to uninstall Hexlock and after uninstallation security removed from all apps so Hexlock team designed this smartly and added uninstall protection this feature help to protect the app from being uninstalled.


  1. install Hexlock App from Playstore
  2. open app and Hexlock ask for password select pin or pattern 
  3. after your profile is been activated tap on start locking apps and select apps which you want to lock
  4. after selecting apps press the back 
  5. thats it now whenever your friends try to open your personal data or your app Hexlock ask for password but if they are smart and knows Hexlock app protecting these apps then they try to uninstall Hexlock but we have a solution for that : Enable Unistall Protection                     

Enable Unistall Protection

  • To enable this feature open Hexlock app
  • click on settings & Tap on uninstall prevention and enable it.
  • Now it will ask you to activate device administrator permission. Click on Activate.
  • Enter your pattern/pin lock for Hexlock and you’re done.
Now whenever your friends tries to uninstall Hexlock, they will get error message.

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