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How To Automatic Post Status On Facebook After Your Desired Time?

How To Automatic Post Status On Facebook After Your Desired Time?
After receiving many requests from my friend, I started working on this script. As you know that Facebook officially give this option to post a status later but for this you have to post all status on your Facebook and have to set there time one by one that can take a huge time so here we are avoiding this through our script.
This script is 100% working and secure and your account will not be banned by Facebook as we are using only Google for this that has a huge name. In this Script, you will not post on any other group, page, friend wall, comment or like any other status. Its only post on your Profile.
This script is so easy as 1,2,3 and go. You just have to add your desired Statuses as many as you can and set the time interval after which you want to post these status on your timeline. So now without any more preface, here go to walkthrough tutorial and follow all the steps as mentioned below.
Step 2: Click Blue Button Named “Start Scripting“.
Step 3: If Any POP-UP Appears With Named “Google Apps Script” Then Click On Blue Button Named “Close“.
Step 4: Click Here To Copy Auto Status Update Script. Copy And Paste All The Text From Below And Paste There.
Step 5: Click “Untitled project” In The Header And Give It A Name Like “Auto Update Status On Facebook“.
Step 6: Now Click “CTRL+S” To Save It.
Step 7: Click On Click Icon Named “Current project’s trigger“.
Step 8: A POP-UP Will Appear, Now Click On “No triggers set up. Click here to add one now.
Step 9: Here Select “nyalakan” In First DropDown, And Select Your Time To Post Internal In The Rest DropDown Then Click “Save”.
Step 10: Then After Clicking “Save“, Here Comes A POP-UP Named “Authorization required“, Then Click On “Continue” Button.
Step 11: Here Appear A New Window With Named “Auto Update Status On Facebook“, Now Click On Blue Color Button Named “Accept“.
Step 12: Sit Back And Start Visiting Your Timeline To See Your Updated Post After Your Defined Interval Of Time.

Step 13: Click Here To Get Your Access Token

Step 14: Click Here To Get Your Profile ID

Last Words:
Now your timeline will be start floating with your added statuses, You can add unlimited status to post even you will be offline from Facebook without any apps. And don’t worry about your account, your account will be safe. Now if you liked it then share it with friends and leave your valuable comment below and if you have any query about it then feel free to ask in the comment. Hee this ends, now be with us to get more upcoming awesome codes/script for Facebook only. Keep visiting us…
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