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Hide Seen On Facebook – Facebook Tricks

facebook is biggest social networking site, most of youngsters have accounts on facebook. all the peoples are on facebook daily uploading pictures, statuses, videos on there account. facebook have much more features like liking, commenting, creating profile, making friends, following, liking pages and most popular chatting.

CHATTING Is most popular feature of facebook every people on facebook chats with there friends with chat option on facebook. you can turn off or on your chat for all or any one people too., for our better experiance facebook added seen and typing showing feature. typing showing feature is good but some time seen option creates difficulty for us. so im going to tell how we can automatically hide seen option. 

Note:- This method is working only on Web version and only on the same device where you will install below given extension according to browser type.

  1. Firstly install given extansions – For firefox – Click Here For Chrome – Click Here
  2. choose any extansion given above as your browser type.
  3. now restart your browser
  4. now login with that browser and your friends not able to seen option :D.

How To Check The Trick is Working

  • Whenever someone send you a message simply reply or read that message. After reading visit to Message Box from Icon visible in navigation bar of Facebook.
  • Now Checkout the color of that person message in inbox if the color visible is dark blue as compare to other messages after reading Or just reload Facebook if the Mark as Read option is visible then extension is working.

Method To Disable Seen Option on Facebook (MANUALLY)

this is a very simple process you dont need to download/install any extantion.

  1. facebook given option to unread msg manually 
  2. to do the message unread Go to inbox  >> Read That message >> Click Mark as unread. 😀 Its done.
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