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Google New Keyboard Gboard Avaliable for Android

Gboard, now available for Android

yesterday google finally announces there new New Keyboard Gboard Avaliable for Android devices this keyboard is fully intregated with google search engine, emoji and gif search Gboard was first launched on iOS around six months ago, as a means of giving Google a better way to integrate its search engine on users’ devices. Instead of putting it into a separate app, Google bundled search into the screen people use the most – their keyboard.

Search and share, right from your keyboard

You can search Google and share results right from your keyboard — anything from flight times and weather to news. Gboard also predicts possible searches that may be relevant to you. Text a friend “Let’s meet if the weather looks good” and see a prediction for “Weather”. With one tap, you can share today’s weather with your friend and meet up for your next adventure


You can also search and share emoji and GIFs. Instead of scrolling and scrolling to find ? or ?, just search “monkey” to find that emoji you want. Or, find a GIF for the perfect reaction

So the next time you’re texting a friend your favorite cat video or news of the day, you don’t have to leave you app. Just search and send — right from your keyboard.

Gboard will work in more than 100 languages as it rolls out today, and will be coming to more languages over the coming months. Get Gboard from the Play Store to swipe, search and emoji away


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