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Earn : How to Earn 50$ Easily by Doing Nothing With A Social Site Bubblews |

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Today, I am going to share an earning tricks with you all.I earned 50$ By doing almost nothing in just 12 Days!
Isn’t it Cool 😀

Its nothing but a website like twitter (you can say)

where you follow others ,comment on there posts ,like ,etc.Thus,its a social networking site.But the best part is that you earn when someone follows you ,view your post ,comment or like….!

To make 50$ Like i had made then Just follow these steps :-

  • Go to this website www.Bubblews.com.
  • Register A new account here.

  • Now you have to follow a good number of people (This will increase your visibility on this site) (Follow me at bubblews)
  •  Follow me
  • Like and Comment on others post.
  • Write your own post and post it on your wall as well as share it on facebook and twitter too.
  • To post good visit my profile and see my posts (see my post on bubblews)
 Follow Me
How to withdraw your money from bubblews ?

  • Make a good number of like and comments.
  • When your earning reached 50$ (In Bank section) Click on redeem. It will ask your paypal Email ,Enter it.
  • Done !!!
Proof :
Before 12 Days
After 12 Days

Note :
  • Post original Contents.
  • Never like your own post.
  • Never post adult content.
  • Read all TOS for Bubblews.
  • Never violate any Bubblews TOS.

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