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whatsapp is the most popular chat application in these days. everyone is using whatsapp after facebook so whenever you chat with your friends your friends see your whatsapp dp and sometimes we want to show our expressions but we dont have words then your whatsapp dp works because an image says 1000 words. So by the help of DP’s you can express your sorrows,attitude,love,desires, mood off and other such emotions which are very hard to express in words so friends in this post we are sharing all whatsapp dp’s in categories like attitude,friendship,love,sad,funny etc. so simply what you have to do scroll down and select your Favourite whatsapp dp and change your whatsapp dp and start showing your emotions with your special friend 😉
UPDATE : friends i have a good news for you we have added whatsapp status in hindi and english also so you no need to google it again for whatsapp status just copy status which one you like and paste and dont forgot to share our site whith your friends 😉
Why We Feel Sad :
The first type that comes to mind is loss when something that brings you joy is removed from your life. It could be as small as losing an object you needed, or a person you loved – either way, the thought that you would not experience it again sends pangs of sadness through you. Perhaps regret born of frustration, having your opportunities limited against your will? Complete removal from your life is the ultimate frustration, restricting your actions regarding them absolutely. We tend to feel sadder the more integral it was to us – someone we’ve known for long, or an object of great importance to us. Perhaps the tiring anticipation of having to compensate for this missing facet of your life?
If you can’t #Beat them, arrange to have them beaten.
I’m not failed…my #success is just postponed for some time.
When in doubt, just take the #next small step.
Every moment i spent with you is like a dream come true <3
If you can’t convince them, Confuse them.
Be a girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a lady with class
I dint change , i just grew up. You should try it once 😉
Don’t mind the weather, it’s raining in my heart tonight
Failure is always temporary, only giving up makes it permanent.
One day i really want to say- I MADE IT.




  1.  If u are not interested then don’t cheat him.. Better leave him
  2.  Nothing is fine, but when I’m with you everything is fine
  3.  Every time I see u I fall in love all over again
  4. Everyone says u fall in love only ones, but i fall daily with the same person
  5. There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you – I Love You
  6. I don’t like waiting, I’m so impatient. But I’ll wait forever, as long as I end up with u
  7. Every moment I spent with you.. is like beautiful dream come true
  8. I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go




Love Status in Hindi


क्या क्या रंग दिखाती है जिंदगी क्या खूब इक्तेफ़ाक होता है,

प्यार में ऊम्र नही होती पर हर ऊम्र में प्यार होता है.

मेरी मोहब्बत #की हद ना तय कर पाओगे तुम,
तुम्हें साँसों से भी ज्यादा मोहब्बत #करते है हम.

कौन कहता है कि मुसाफिर ज़ख़्मी नहीं होते,

रास्ते गवाह है बस गवाही नहीं देते.

प्यार 💏 करना सिखा है….नफरतो 😡 का कोई ठौर नही, ❌

बस तु 👈 ही तु है इस दिल ❤ मे….. दूसरा कोई 👆और नही. ❌

ये दुनियाँ के तमाम चेहरे तुम्हें गुमराह कर देंगें,

तुम 👈 बस मेरे दिल ❤ में रहो, यहाँ 👆 कोई आता जाता नहीं. ❌

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Best SAD Mood Off WhatsApp DP’s


Sad Mood Off Status for Whatsapp

Mood Off DP for Whatsapp Dp

whatsapp dp for sad mood

whatsapp dp for sad mood

whatsapp dp for sad mood

whatsapp dp for sad mood

Mood Off Status For Whatsapp

 I want you to be FREE, but i can watch you SOAR away from me.

mood off dp

 Some nights I burn in the fire of my own thoughts

 One day, you will wake up realizing how much I mean to you. When that day comes, I might have woken up with someone else.

I don’t care for Those, who don’t care for me …

I will never come in Ur life Again..

Sleeping because you are upset..

It’s sad to be happy alone in Life..

Why be upset about the people that don’t want or need U in their life…? !

Its better to be lonely then, to be played by Bad people.

I Feel I’m missing ,something in my life these days. ..

Its better to be lonely then to be Love by wrong Girl..

 The more we are filled with love, the less room there is for hate.

I know my silence and my tears will heal my pain..

The greatest pain that comes from love, is loving someone who are not here…

Dil ke dard kam ho jate jab Ma or Tum Hum Ho jate..!

My silence is just an other word for my pain…

Sad status in hindi for whatsapp

पुछेगा अगर खुदा तो कहूँगी …. हाँ हूई थी मोहब्बत मगर जिसके साथ हूई वो उसके काबिल ना था

तुम हो तो बसंत है, तुम नहीं तो बस अंत है


मज़बूरी में जब कोई जुदा होता है, ज़रूरी नही कि वो बेवफ़ा होता है..

देखकर आपकीआँखों में आँसू वो भी आपसे ज्यादा रोता है 😫


सवर रही है….अब वो …. किसी और के लिए…….पर मैं….

बिखर रहा हूँ …..आज भी उसी के लिए 😔😔💔….

ताला लगा दिया दिल को….. अब तेरे बिन किसी का अरमान नहीं …..

बंद होकर फिर खुल जाए….. ये कोई दुकान💔नही


Mood off images for whatsapp dp Mood off images for whatsapp dp

कमी तेरे नसीबों में रही होगी, कि तू मेरी ना हुई,

मैने तो कोशिश बहुत की,तुझे अपना बनाने की…

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Best Attitude DP’s For WhatsApp


Attitude status in Hindi

If you don’t like my attitude then stop talking to me

Silence is the best answer to a Fool


There is no market for YOUR EMOTIONS,

so never advertise your FEELINGS just display YOUR ATTITUDE.,.

 Beauty is skin deep but attitude is to the bone


People with high ego and unnecessary attitude

deserves the standing ovation of the tallest finger…


हर चीज़ उठायी जा सकती है पर गिरी हुई सोच नहीं😏😏

उतना ही बोलो जितना सुन सको ,

लोग भी मुह में जुबां रखते है. सिर्फ तुम ही नहीं 😏😏


 दिल बड़ा करो , बड़ी बातें तो सभी कर लेते हैं 😋😏

कुछ लोग सब कुछ सीख जाते हैं बस तमीज़ नहीं सीख पाते।😏😒

इज़्ज़त दो इज़्ज़त लो , नवाब होगे तुम अपने घर में 😜😏😒

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Best Friendship DP’s For WhatsApp


Best Friendship Whatsapp Status

 Good friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

A day spend with friends is always a day well spend.

A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.

 A beautiful friendship can change people.

A true friend is someone who never gets tried of listening to your pointless dramas over and over

Don’t make friends before understand and don’t break friendship after misunderstanding.

A good friend would bail you out of jail but your best friend would be the one sitting next to you
saying, damn that was cool.

 True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.

Relation of friendship is greater then the relation of blood.

Friendship is like a paper once it’s crumpled it can’t be perfect.

Every friendship doesn’t change into love but every love begins with friendship.

 A friend is a person who goes around saying nice things about you behide your back.

Never forget who was there for you when no one else was.

Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.

Good friends are like starts. You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there.


अपना 👦तो कोई दोस्त नही 😌 है, सब साले 👫 कलेजे ❤ के टुकडे है ।। 😘👫

ना❌ gaadi🚘 ना❌ bullet🏍 ना ❌ ही रखे हथियार 🔫

एक है सीने मै जीगरा😈 और दुसरे ✌ जिगरी 😉yaar 👬

कुछ मीठी सी ठंडक है आज इन हवाओं में,

शायद दोस्तो की यादों का कमरा खुला रह गया है…!😍❤✨💫🍫🌹

इतिहास के हर पन्ने पर लिखा है,दोस्ती कभी बड़ी नहीं होती, निभाने वाले हमेशा बड़े होते हैं

दोस्ती में ना कोई दिन , ना कोई वार होता हैं,ये तो वो एहसास है जिसमे बस यार होता हैं


राह चलते बुधु बनते हैं दोस्त ..cold drink बोल के दारु पिलाते हैं दोस्त

… girlfriend बोल कर auntiyo से मिलवाते है दोस्त ..

कितने भी कमीने हो पर याद बहुत आते हैं दोस्त

मोहब्बत तो फ़िर भी दिल से हो जाती है, “जिगर” चाहिए दोस्ती के लिए



सच्चे दोस्त हमे कभी गिरने नहीं देते … ना किसी कि नजरों मे, ना किसी के कदमों मे…

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Best Funny DP’s For WhatsApp


Best Funny status For whatsapp 

Can’t talk, telepathy only!

My “last seen at” was just to check your “last seen at”.

Don’t take life too seriously, you won’t get out of it alive. 

 WARNING!! I know karate …..and some other words!!!

It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world

each day fit exactly the length of newspaper.

 A black cat passing by the crossroad can stop hundreds of people what a RED LIGHT on traffic signal has failed to do for long time!!


मेरे प्रिये जीवन के दुःख – तलाक लेलो मुझसे यार 😜😜😁


जब कोई भी साथ नहीं देता तो मोबाइल देता है 😜😜😁


एक तरफ प्यार की ताकत ही कुछ और होती है …… पहले बेवफूफ बनो फिर ऐसे स्टेटस whatsapp पर डालो 😜😁


गाली देने से इतनी लड़ाई नहीं होती जितना last seen देखर होती है😜😜😁

 इन्सान को खुश रहना चाहिए क्योंकि kaddu जैसी शक्ल बनाने से भी कुछ नहीं होने वाला 😜😁

 दुनिया का सबसे मजबूत रिश्ता मैं और मेरा फ़ोन 😜😁😜😜😁

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