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Add Copy To and Move To option to right click – How to?

    Add Copy to and Move to functionality in Windows it allows you to right click on a file, select Copy To Folder or Move To Folder, and copy or move your files without going to the target folder or drive. The right click Context Menu in Windows saves a lot of time performing various actions. Not everything you may want is included though. I always liked the move to and copy to feature in windows but unfortunately its hidden in widows. Some time it becomes very boring to copy or move some files or folders to any other drive So why don't we add Copy To and Move To options in windows explorer right-click menu? as we are daily computer freaks and do so many copy's and so many move's. Add Copy To Folder / Move To to Folder is a nice command to perform Copy and Move quickly. For those of you that want to add Copy To and Move To to the right click context menu here's a quick way. Just follow the steps below to add this functionality in your computer and save your time.

Steps to add Copy to and Move to option to your Computer:

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