6 reasons to go for mobile recharge

Are you called a miser because you are giving missed calls to your friends most of the times? You hate communicating through long messages but still do just because you have access to free Wi-Fi? And, is this due to the fact that you are just too lazy to leave your bed and walk to your nearby shop to get the recharge done? Then you must be living in an old century because with mobile recharge prevailing from such a long time, it is a gibberish excuse! You are using your mobile all day long and so why not use it for recharge also? Here are six reasons for you to go for mobile recharge:


 Recharging using mobile happens in less than a minute! No long walks to shop, no need to step out in the sun and no requirement for standing in crowd waiting for your turn to come. Plus with the easy availability of prepaid coupons, you can recharge at your convenience. You might face a bit of difficulty the first time but after that, you should be good.

Cost saving

The increasing mobile tariffs only add to the existing expenses. With the presence of great discounts and coupons, you can save a lot of money and get access to many schemes. Be aware of the handling fees your mobile provider implies and only then proceed with them. These coupons can be handy while shopping offline or online. Check these Paytm cashback coupons to get the best deals!


You can see a lot of cashback offers these days but there are only a few of them that actually let you earn a decent amount of money over a period of time. You might get to earn only a few rupees in 2-3 months but if you make use of them consistently, you will be able to earn upto Rs.500-Rs.700 per year.  Have you checked these tempting freecharge offers?

Bank offers

In one of the many attempts to promote themselves, they keep introducing new schemes. Keep an eye on these schemes and also know about the reward points. They might just come handy later when you are short on cash while shopping.


Do you remember the time you asked your friend in morning to recharge your phone but due to some problem, it got delayed? Do you remember that day when you were in a new place and you had to make an emergency call but couldn’t because you had zero balance? You no longer have to rely on your sister, friend or dad to recharge your mobile. You can do it on your own because the magic wand is in your hands itself!

No embarrassment anymore

 Imagine yourself in the middle of an important conversation with your boss and suddenly your call gets disconnected. The reason being insufficient balance. And, you can’t even go out to get it recharged because the other task which you have been doing simultaneously is equally important. How annoying and humiliating it is! With access to mobile recharge, this situation will be a thing of past.

Mobile recharge is being increasingly used by innumerable people to get hold of these advantages. Go for it and don’t stay behind!      

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