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Wifi Hacking Apps For Android

Hello friends today m back with new apps which through u can use other persons wifi connection hacking through. In play store many apps are present for wifi hacking but most prank apps they are only making foolish to users . AndroidHacks team will find these apps from other sources information to provide u wifi Hacking facility in Smartphones. Here are 3 methods to u can hack wifi password.


1) Reaver for Android v1.20a (HACKING OF WPA2 WPS ROUTERS)

!) First U have need a rooted mobile for this app if not rooted then root.

!!) Download/install bcmon.apk from HERE

!!!) After installation, run the app and tap “monitor mode” option.

!V) Download and Install Reaver app which helps to crack the WPS pin.

v) open app then app is comfirming that you’re not using it for illegal purpose

vi) Tap the APN or access point you’d wish to crack and continue.

Many times, u need to verify monitor mode to proceed, and this would cause the bcmon to open again.

vii) verify ur settings and dont forget to check on Automatic Advanced settings box.

viii) in last time click on START ATTACK then it can be take 2-10 hours for cracking of WPS to be successful.

For more information visit :- XDA DEVELOPERS (supported device lists)


2) BCMON App Hacking of WEP Routers

!) First downloadBackMon App

!!) After installation, open the app and tap “monitor mode” option.

!!!) Then click on the “Run bcmon terminal ” option and type “ airodump-ng ” and Enter.

!v) Once the airodump loads finish, you would be directed to the prompt command in which you’re to type “ airodump-ng wlan0 ” then tap the Enter button.

v) In this stage, a Mac address would appear, in which you’re to jot down.

vi) Start scanning the channel by collecting information from the access point before attempting to crack the password, then type, “ airodump-ng -cchannel#–bssidMAC address-w outputath0 ” and tap enter, then it would start scanning, try scanningntill it reaches 20,000 – 30,000 packets.

vii) To finally crack the password, return to the terminal, but make sure you’ve reached the suitable number of packets, then type “ aircrack-ng output*.cap ” and tap enter at the terminal.

viii) Once the password is cracked successfully, you would recieve a message alerting, ‘Key Found’ and would display the key in hexidecimal form. So when entering the key, make sure you eliminate the dots ‘.’ or double dots ‘:’, i.e if it displays 12:34:56:78:90 , then enter 1234567890 as the code.


3) Osimo Wifi App

!) First downloadOsimo App

!!) It’s not a Wi-Fi hacker app!

!!!) You can check the nearest open networks on our Wi-Fi hotspot map. Service that provides access to wi-fi hotspots details around the world WITHOUT HAVING TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET. And above all, you can find a wifi point right around you on the streets and in different places with the help of augmented reality.

iv) this app is not a hacking app this app will automatically find wifi network and register which is already hacked or used in this app

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