what’s special in android N beta

Yesterday Google launched their first beta version of the upcoming Android N OS and at this time this version is only avalible on  :

  1. Nexus 6
  2. Nexus 9
  3. Nexus 5X
  4. Nexus 6P
  5. Nexus Player
  6. Pixel C
what’s special in android N beta
Here is the lock screen of the Android N, which is very similar to the current Marshmallow lockscreen. You will also notice the new Quick Settings peek view in the screenshot on the right.

You can swipe down on the Notifications panel to reveal more quick settings. Also, for the first time, you can edit the Quick Settings toggles from here.

The Settings menu offers more information, for example, you can check battery percentage without going into the Battery option. You can also swipe from the left to reveal reduntant settings options from other screens.

Google has also added the Direct Reply feature, which allows you to reply to texts etc. directly from the Notifications Shade, instead of going into the app itself. It is available to developers for use in their apps as well.

Taking a cue from Apple perhaps, Google has added a split view mode to Android now. You can go into the multitasking screen, then long press an app and drag it to the top. This brings you to the Split Screen mode, similar to what you’ve seen on the iPad. It works on both Android phones and tablets.

Google’s Doze feature has also been extended in Android N. Introduced in 2015’s Android Marshmallow, the extended version of Doze will essentially cut off CPU access even when your device is lying idle on your desk, and not just when the screen is locked. Doze becomes active a short while after the screen turns off, further saving on processing power and battery life.

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