Vodafone new vpn trick for mobile and pc

Friends today I am share a new vodafone vpn trick with you
Buddies this trick working in pc or mobile

Requirement For this vodafone vpn trick

1. 3G Enabled Sim card.
2. Apn: www

Vodafone vpn features:-

!> speed 300-400 kbps
!!> unlimited
!!!> working in
3g areas
!!!> no disconnection problem

MOBILE users :-

1) Download open vpn
2)Install Open vpn
3)then Add Vodafone 3G Vpn
Config to open Vpn folder
4) run end enjoyy

For PC USERs:-
!) Download nmd vpn
!!) Install Nmdvpn and Put
configs Here (C:Program
!!!)@nd enjoyyy friends

Download Vodafone confi.

Note:- 1) this trick is not tested by me so friends ! Am not responsible for any damage

Thankxx for reading


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