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Top 10 Best free wallpaper apps for Android 2016

One of our favorite things about Android is how customizable it is. But you don’t need to start installing themes or messing around with rooting to make your phone look great, you can do it simply by adding an interesting wallpaper. Here are some of the best free wallpaper apps for Android.

1) Wallrox: for ultra high definition
Wallrox has a huge collection of UHD handcrafted wallpapers designed by Ankit Anand in 2K (3,200 x 2,560). They make your wallpaper look so sharp you’ll think you’ve upgraded your phone.

2) Wally: for variety
Wally offers a huge range user-generated wallpapers from Wallhaven, featuring differently sized images from various genres, including comics, computer generated art, nature photos, pictures of users, drawings and more.

3) Cool Wallpaper HD: for Android Wear
If you want a wallpaper app that is supported by Android Wear then you should go with Cool Wallpaper HD. The images are excellent and the variety seems endless. When I last got on there were more than 10,000 crisp, interesting wallpapers to choose from. 

4) HPSTR: for trendy geometry
When a simple image isn’t enough, HPSTR is there to add a filtered shape overlay. Images come from Reddit, 500px and Unsplash, and the selection can be filtered through a choice of categories. Then you get to pick your shape and filter. It’s surprisingly fun.

5) Plastexo: for select minimalist variety
Plastexo is essentially a wallpaper gallery, and it’s as clean and simple as the wallpapers it provides. The selection is not that extensive – it offer 110 wallpapers – but has enough variety to cater to anyone interested in some minimal designs for their device. The quality of the selection is top-notch too.

6) Minima: for parallax lovers
The parallax feature on newer devices is a simple but pleasing addition to smartphones. Tilting the screen results in the background moving, making it appear three-dimensional. Minima takes full advantage of this feature, producing wallpapers designed to look great when the screen is tilted around. All the wallpapers are cleanly designed, and a lot of them have a hand-made feel.

7) 500 Firepaper: for slick, automatic wallpaper changes
500px is a website where some great photographers post their work. With the 500 Firepaper app, you can see their art on your phone. One of the most impressive aspects of 500 Firepaper is that you can specify how often the images change, and you can decide which categories images are selected from.

8) Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 50M+: for a professional app and large community
Backgrounds HD offers free wallpapers for Android from artists all over the world, and it features more than 7,000 high-quality wallpapers to personalize your phone. You can crop and set wallpapers to fit your screen or just highlight the best bits, share on social networks and submit your own backgrounds for others to admire.

9) Muzei Live Wallpaper: for art and live wallpaper fans
Feeling a bit arty? Fancy some Van Gogh on your Moto G or Gauguin on your Galaxy Alpha? Muzei Live Wallpaper gently refreshes your screen with famous works of art from as well as high-quality photography. It keeps the images faded in the background to emphasize your icons and indicators but will show them in their full glory when you double-tap.

10) Shake Them All! Live 2 Wallpaper: for those who want something quirky
This one’s a lot of fun: Shake Them All! Live 2 Wallpaper features tumbling androids and a physics engine that means they react to gravity, shakes, touches, light and sound. We like to imagine that they’re real people, that our phone is a tower block and that we’re angry giants who laugh as we throw them around like dolls, jab them and generally make them feel like rush hour commuters.

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