Increse Validity Of Your Dishtv Pack Free

Friends everybody want to increse pack validity without paying money so here a method which u can use and increse your validity to 3days extra without paying money this is same as a loan like when ur mo balance is 0 u get loan from your operator but here one thing is changed here we have no need to pay for extra 3days validity and this is toatally free

How To Increse The Validity of Dishtv Pack : 

  • 1st of all check your swith off date 
  • Like today is your switchoff date 
  • Then call to 18002749050 registerd no through and ur call autmatic end
  • After ending your call under 5min u will recive a msg

  • And check tommrow your switch off date is incresed to 3days more

Note : this is a paylater service offered by dishtv and its works only for 1time

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