How To Secqure Paytm Wallet Money

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Todays time Paytm Wallet is very popular and hackers knows how to get other paytm ac money transfer to own ac and they have many types of ideas like pay rs5 and get rs10 etc they r making phishing sites where when u login using your paytm login info through they will get your full info and when they want they r transfer your money to own ac and after facing these types of problems many peoples are saying my paytm wallet money transferd to other account automatic or deducted sometimes huge amount will be trnsferd to other accounts so here we will discouss about how to secure Paytm wallet money to save paytm wallet money


  •  Set a complex password (alpha-numeric, mix of small and capital case, special characters) & change your password often
  • Immediately change your password when you sense any suspicious activity on your account
  • Avoid logging into your Paytm account from shared devices/ someone else’s device
  • Make sure to log out after you complete a transaction from a shared device

Do not share your Paytm customer details, transaction ID order IDs over
unsolicited calls
Do not share your Credit Card/ Debit Card number, expiry date, CVV with
anyone over unsolicited calls
Make sure all profile details are updated and correct, including mobile
number, email address and delivery address
Make sure that no one else can access your registered mobile number or email address without your permission

Some websites and social media pages are propagating offers like peer to peer
transfers to specific accounts. Unless the domain starts with don’t believe them
Never enter your Paytm account password on unreliable websites and apps

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