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Guns and Spurs Remastered Apk Android

guns and spurs androidGuns and Spurs Remastered Apk Android Take the role of Johnny, a lonely cowboy in the wild west, thirsty to take revenge for the death of his wife. Run with your horse in an open world filled with action! 10 ‘Wanted’ missions and 10 horse race events are available. Stylish 3d graphics are creating a great atmosphere. 6 weapons available You can enter buildings like saloon, gun shops, banks and more. You can also buy new safehouses from around the map. The ‘Wanted’ missions have quickdraw mini-games. It offers the freedom to explore the old west, together with your horse you can race in horse race events

Guns and Spurs is a 3rd person open world western adventure game developed for iOS and Android where you have the freedom to explore the old west. It lets you traverse a dusty western terrain on the back of your trusty steed, whilst apprehending enemies and taking part in horse race events across the land. There are plenty of things to do and see in the vast world of Guns and Spurs including “wanted” missions, horse races, mini-games and collectables to find.

Guns and Spurs Android GAME FEATURES :

> 7 customizable classes that you can level up across single- and multiplayer
> Find the playstyle that suits you: Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter or Sapper
> Activate class-specific skills by earning and spending Skill Points

> Watch players in battle with the new Spectator mode
> Epic team clashes in Squad vs. Squad matches
> Talk to other players in Global and Squad Chat
> Individual and Squad leaderboards
> Win cool rewards in the limited-time events

> Accumulate XP and level up by playing both single-player multiplayer matches
> Unlock higher-tier weapons by mastering lower-tier ones
> Customize the perfect weapon using a host of attachments and jump straight into the action

> Fast-paced story missions with various challenges taking you from Tokyo to Venice
> Play the new Spec-Ops for a real FPS adrenaline rush
> Flawless graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted for a shooter game

> Intuitive controls so you can play the game just the way you want
Guns and Spurs supports HID game controllers. Moga Pro is also supported, in mode B (HID Mode).
Guns and Spurs requires an Internet connection.

Game Category: Action , Adventure

Min requirements: Varies with device

Guns and Spurs Android Release Date :

Prepare your calendars, the official release date of the Remastered version of Guns and Spurs is March 25th and it’s coming to iOS and Android!

How to Download Guns and Spurs APK Android Game ?

Guns and Spurs Remastered game File downloads links comes out after app available

Download apk + data

Guns and Spurs Remastered mod apk

Guns and Spurs Remastered apk data

Download Guns and Spurs ios

How to install Guns and Spurs Remastered APK and Cache?

Guns and Spurs Remastered has not yet been released. when app comes out we will update this info 

Guns and Spurs Remastered Trailer

The iOS version will be $1.99, and the Android version will be free with ads and an IAP to remove the ads.

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