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Edo superstar APK Android Game

Edo superstar APK Android Game Hero of Edo Superstar will be a monkey named Masaru, a martial arts master, who was forced to fight with rivals on the way to the medieval Edo, where he was waiting for the participation in the Zodiac Tournament tournament. Each won the battle does Masaru increasingly skillful and popular, but he must be careful – a ninja clan, to which he belonged before, is not too happy with what Masaru left them in search of fame and fortune.

Characters Of Edo superstar Android Game :

Edo SuperstarEdo Superstar Game Hero Masaru

Every great game starts with a great hero, and so Masaru was born!

Masaru is a small-town monkey with big dreams. He wants nothing more than to become Japan’s greatest star. At the start of the game, Masaru joins the Shiga Ninja Clan and learns to fight, hoping it will boost his reputation. However, he soon realizes that the Clan works only in secret; not a good fit for a star-struck monkey!

Masaru quits the Clan, and heads off to find fame in the big city.  Along the way he meets a fast-talking rat who becomes his agent. Masaru’s agent guides him from town to town, pitting him against Japan’s most notorious bad guys.

By defeating enemies and impressing the locals, Masaru’s fame grows. Fight by fight, stage by stage, Masaru makes his way across medieval Japan to the capital, in hopes of becoming a true Edo Superstar!


Here are just a few enemies we have planned for the game. For a collectable set of prints featuring these baddies, check out the Character Art Cards reward to the right.

Edo superstar APK Android GameTanuki is the first of the three ninjas that hunt Masaru. A master of the kusari-dama (chain balls), Tanuki is dangerous at both long range and close up. Whatever you do, don’t get snared by his bola-coil attack! Like all the ninjas, Tanuki is known for shapeshifting. He will blend into his environment for the perfect surprise attack

Edo superstar APK Android GameMountain Cat is the Shiga Clan’s #2 assassin. The quickest of her Clan, her attacks leave little time to think. While her claws inflict less damage than other weapons, Mountain Cat compensates by relentlessly tearing her enemies to shreds. Beware her eye scratch attack – it will temporarily block visibility!

Edo Superstar foxThe leader of the Shiga Clan, Fox is ruthless and cunning. He employs every form of deception to confuse his enemy: shape-shifting, teleporting, and an unreadable fighting style. If you are struck by his poison darts, shake your device to dislodge them, or they’ll quickly finish you off!

Category: Action

Min requirements: Varies with device

How to Download Edo superstar APK Android Game ?

Edo Superstar has not yet been released. File downloads will be available after app comes out.

How to install Edo Superstar APK and Cache?

Edo Superstar has not yet been released. File downloads will be available after app comes out.

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