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Create a Bootable USB Drive and Install Windows 7 Using a USB Drive – How to?

    We are going to discuss about how to create a bootable USB drive and install Windows 7 using a USB drive or Pen drive.Most of the people faces a common problem that while installing Windows on their computer is their CD/DVD drive or their disc is not working properly. Many times the disc became corrupt and the installation stops at a particular point. So there has a problem on the installation of Windows in systems. The main problem is that the CD/DVD became corrupt and have file missing.

Importance Of Bootable USB:

    Many of the computer users faces the problem of the installation disc. So they prefer to create bootable USB drives to install Windows OS. There is an another problem faced by the users of Net Book , there is no CD/DVD drive ,so they have to install windows using an external drive or a simple to create a USB drive and can easily install Windows to any Net Book computers.

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