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Access your Facebook from within Gmail – How to?

    Now access your Facebook with Gmail easily with Facebook Gmail Integration extension. Facebook Gmail Integration is an Google Chrome extension which lets you integrate your Gmail account and Facebook. It is time consuming to open all the accounts, check the status and update the status. To save this time I prefer to use integrated extensions for my all the accounts. Like for my Facebook account, I use Gmail-Facebook Integration Extension for Google Chrome.
    Google Chrome Extension helps me to discover whatever is going on with my Facebook without logging to my Facebook account. Like this:
    If you want to try it out this extension, just install it. It won’t take more than 5 seconds to install.
    1. You can install Gmail Facebook Integration extension from here.
    2. Once you install it, you will see a Facebook icon in the sidebar of your Gmail.


    3. Now you have to confirm for authorization


    4. Allow the authorization and you will able to view and update your Facebook account.
    Yet I haven’t faced any problem with Gmail Facebook Integration.

Do share with us, which integration you use for social networking websites and your Gmail account.

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